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Do not treat with priority whomever treats you as an option!
Envision your dream, put it into action, now live it! One should NEVER put dreams "on hold." Time is of the essence, tomorrow is not promised to no one. No matter how hard it is to achieve that pinnacle, one should push through regardless of life circumstances including children. Remember we can't expect our children to carry out their dreams if they didn't have a model to emulate. So get off the sidelines and start living your dream, otherwise you will be the one saying "should have," "would have," "could have" and living in regret! We only have one life. Make the BEST of it!
The best advice I can give anyone is to be true to yourself, value the ones you love and let them know it. Know up front what you will and won't do for money and relationships. You will never regret the times you kept your integrity but you will always feel a little self loathing for every time you sold out your self or others for love or money.
1. Save up and pay cash, the only thing worth financing is possibly a car and a home. 2. Stay healthy. 3. Define your own success, don't compare your failures to other's highlight reels. 4. Real fulfillment is gained through compassion and hard work, and quality time; don't bandaid quick fixes on anything always put effort to seek and mend the root of any issue. Don't be afraid to take risks, learn to forgive not regret, everything happens for a reason. Make yourself happy before others but be unselfish while doing so.
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When doing your daily routines try this..."When you go to some place take it with you when you get there bring something back with you." This helps with getting rid of clutter around the house, doing tasks on a job site, going shopping... and generally helps you not to back track. Saves time and energy. Speeds up th echore processes.